Dyslexia education and advocacy documentary films to empower students with dyslexia in Australian schools.

Sadly dyslexia is the forgotten learning difficulty in education due to a lack of understanding and children are left to struggle on a daily basis. The incidence of dyslexia is more widespread than realised and it is estimated that there are between 3 – 5 students with dyslexia in every classroom.

Outside the Square is a series of films to increase awareness and understanding of dyslexia in our education system.

The scene is set with our brave and inspirational children supported by their proactive parent advocates. They share their struggles and difficulties encountered in our current education system. Our journey continues through the eyes of teachers that have embraced change. Through their shared experiences and supported by Australia’s leading education researchers, we develop a deep understanding of dyslexia and showcase effective teaching strategies to assist students with dyslexia.

Outside the Square will bring the necessary knowledge and skills to EVERY teacher…. in EVERY classroom…. in EVERY school.

This is a community project driven by parents and educators passionate about social justice and education reform. We intend to empower children with dyslexia in education by closing the knowledge-to-action gap in our classrooms and the policy-to-practice gap in our schools.

Outside the Square was designed to get ‘blanket’ awareness in schools as a first step to change.

Film 1 – Understanding and Identifying Dyslexia. 

Film 2 – Targeted Teaching for Students with Dyslexia. 

Film 3 – Explicit Teaching of Language and Literacy. 

The complete set of three films is an essential educational resource for parents, teachers and schools.

  • The films are designed to be conducted as three short professional development sessions with teachers.
  • Every school should have a copy of these films as a resource to be shared with students, parents and teachers.
  • Many parents share their copy of the film with their child’s teacher(s) each school year.
  • Secondary students will find this resource can assist with their self advocacy for necessary accommodations and adjustments.

Australian Survey into the Education of Students with Dyslexia 2016

2016-08-21 (31)

This survey hopes to paint a clear picture of the education opportunities provided to students with dyslexia in Australian schools. Thank you so much to all those who participated in this survey and shared their experiences. We hope the results from this survey will assist to improve the learning experiences of children with dyslexia.