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Media for the Outside the Square

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Reviews for of the Outside the Square Dyslexia Awareness Films

Learning Difficulties Australia (LDA) Bulletin Vol.47 No.1 Autumn 2015

“Outside the Square is a documentary film series about children with dyslexia and how they might best be supported in schools. The brainchild of Tanya Forbes – primary school teacher, mother of a child with dyslexia, and founder of the Gold Coast Dyslexia Support Group –the documentary was funded by supporters and the general public. The series advocates for evidence- based practice and appropriate accommodations for children struggling with literacy in their classrooms. It showcases schools that have already begun to implement effective, evidence-based programs.

The film is enriched by the expertise of a variety of academics and researchers well known to Bulletin readers, including LDA vice president Dr Lorraine Hammond, Mona Tobias award winner Mandy Nayton, Distinguished Professor Anne Castles and Associate Professor Genevieve McArthur from Macquarie University, and Dr Jennifer Buckingham from the Centre for Independent Studies.

Launched on Tuesday 10th March in Brisbane at a function attended by international literacy expert Dr Louisa Moats, Outside the Square is sure to provide a very valuable resource for parents, teachers and school leaders who are committed to ensuring the best possible educational experience for students with learning difficulties. “

Jen Cross: Parent Advocate (Dyslexia Information for the Canberra Region)

Thank you so much Tanya Forbes and to all who participated in ‘Outside the Square’.

I just had the pleasure of watching all three DVD’s of the documentary and I think it’s outstanding. Each DVD has it’s own special message and together they are an essential tool for all Australian schools, universities and educational facilities. The Australian content is fantastic and the information is brilliant.

There are no longer any excuses for not understanding or identifying students with Dyslexia. The DVD’s explain how important it is to teach students systematically and explicitly, using evidence based methods of instruction.

Knowledge is power and all educators need this knowledge. Thanks again!”

Marie Gould: Parent Advocate (Dyslexia Support South Australia)

Dyslexia SA/DAGBAGS hand delivered a copy to the senior DECD people today. We asked for all schools to have a copy of course. It was wonderful to have something tangible to provide a way forward. Thank you so much Tanya.

Liz Kane: Teacher and Parent Advocate

Arrived home from school and couldn’t wait to watch the DVDs!! Tanya Forbes and your wonderful team thank you so much for the informative documentary. It is packed full of information, wonderful examples of evidence-based practice and some brave young students sharing their experiences. Thank you again Tanya for sharing and having the drive to see this through. I can’t wait to begin sharing this with teachers in my area and beyond….it is going to help me build a stronger case for change.

Penny Zajitz-Ceravola: Teacher and Parent Advocate

Received, watched and ready to share with my son’s school and my teaching peers. Great job!
I was impressed with the fabulous, articulate children that could express their feelings so assertively. I was nearly brought to tears listening to some of the children knowing my son feels the same way. Awesome job all round!

Lisa Moloney: Parent Advocate

A must buy when you are being an advocate for your child. It validates everything we as parents are trying to accomplish within the school system for our dyslexic child. A most worthwhile purchase. I am just so thrilled to have this as a resource…it gives us as parents a stronger voice to be listened to.

Vicki Squadrito: Specialist Tutor and Parent Advocate


It is so refreshing to watch Australian’s speaking about dyslexia.  I watched the first DVD with my 15 year old dyslexic son.  Awesome for both of us to see all of those brave kids speaking out about their dyslexia.

I am also a tutor for kids struggling with dyslexia and I am proud of the service I can provide.  I am recommending to all my parents that they purchase a copy of the DVD and donate it to their schools.

Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved in this film.  I am extremely proud to have played a small part in the KickStarter project.

As a parent of a child with dyslexia, our journey has been and continues to be tough.  I only wish I had access to this film 10 years ago.  Our story may be quite different.

Again, congratulations, it is a powerful resource.